Kenneth M Johnston

Chief Operating Officer

B A Business Administration

Fox School of business/ Temple University

Concentrations: Marketing and Economics

Mr. Johnston has worked with Dr. Shah on various projects in the fields of international trade, mining, and energy development. His main strengths and experience are with startups or acquisitions of companies.   He builds the necessary infrastructure and provides supervision and training of the teams to secure successful growth and positive futures for the various endeavors.

He is a strong believer in the green world movement and has owned or been part of the teams that built over twenty-five recycling companies specializing in Waste and construction/demolition debris.







Joseph Battiato

Director of Business Development

For the last five years Mr. Battiato has been primarily involved in the trading of physical commodities and project development.  As part of this process he has been responsible for contract negotiation and execution, legal review,  logistical coordination and implementation as well as trade and project finance.  Prior to entering the commodities arena he spent eight years as a Portfolio Manager at one of the world’s largest hedge funds that specializes in mortgage finance.  For approximately twenty-five years before that time Mr. Battiato held high level positions at several leading Wall Street firms including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter.  As part of his responsibilities at these organizations he performed  a number  functions including but not limited to trading and trade desk supervision, oversight of structured finance, management of the sales force, oversight of the research and operations area.  Mr. Battiato is supported by a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Bachelor of Arts specializing in Accounting.

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