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In today’s global economy, successful companies have to be cost effective and energy efficient. We are founded on the core values of excellence, teamwork, and leadership. With over 50 years of combined team experience, EEML’s Energy Division, together with its alliance partners, provide in-house development, engineering, construction and operation & maintenance services specifically tailored for each project insuring high quality results. This allows you, the end user, to concentrate on your primary business and let EEML, your power and energy experts, handle your total power and energy needs. At EEML, we incorporate the total energy concept into all of our projects; that is to efficiently make renewable energy practical and profitable in a cost effective manner.  We believe in the well-being of our planet, but also in the prosperity of the businesses and companies that partner with us.

 EEML & its alliance partners have been closely associated for many years. They have jointly produced the mechanical, electrical and civil design of many electric generating facilities, cogeneration and energy conservation projects. Our expertise also included development and implementation of refurbishment & modernization (R&M) programs for existing electric generating facilities. Our diverse experience insures our customers of the best possible solution to their energy projects. Each of our key personnel has had experience in project management and design. They are capable of producing high quality work in all project phases, including site investigation, preliminary reports, design, supervision, and cost estimation.

EEML develops each electric generating facility, cogeneration, energy conservation, and infrastructure project with a creative and innovative approach. This enables us to provide innovative cost effective design and solutions for energy related systems.  Each design is based on financial and economic analysis, practicality & cost savings.  Some of the critical factors considered in order to determine the financial feasibility of a typical power project include fuel sources, utility buy-back, payback period, standby power and fuel supply contracts. The same type of detail is also applied by EEML for all energy projects.

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