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EEML (Eastern Energy & Mines Limited, Eastern Energy & Mines Private Ltd and EEML Infrastructure Private Limited) is a conglomerate registered in the United States, Singapore and India with offices in each of these locations. The company engages in trading and the supply of coal, iron ore, petroleum and natural gas, copper, sugar and other mineral resources as our clients’ needs dictate. EEML has been named as Procurement Company for several of the largest steel manufactures in China as well as a provider of fuels to certain governmental agencies. Depending on the specific circumstances of the transaction the company may act as either Principal or Agent.

EEML is one of the very few traders, who entered the China and India market in the early stages of development and now enjoys very deep relations with a number of high profile institutions and their senior managements. Apart from the raw commodity acquisitions, EEML often arranges for transportation and logistic services from the mine to port and from the port to other countries as transaction needs arise. In addition to the transactional business related to commodities, the company currently provides many power plants and some stated-owned enterprises in China and India with planning, operational and advisory services.

EEML develops each cogeneration and energy conversation project with a creative and innovative approach. This enables us to provide cost effective design and solutions for energy related systems. Each design is based on financial and economic analysis, practicality, cost savings and avoided cost parameters. Some of the critical factors considered in order to determine the financial feasibility of a typical power project include fuel sources, utility buy-back, payback period, stand-by power and fuel supply contracts. The same type of detail is also applied by EEML for all energy conservation projects.

EEML personnel have been closely associated for many years and poses very diverse backgrounds. They have jointly traded or financed the acquisition of many of the natural resources listed above for many years. Our associates have worked at some of the largest investment banks on Wall Street and had affiliations with many of the largest banks in the world. In addition to the raw commodity trading business, our personnel have produced the mechanical, electrical and civil design plans of many cogeneration and energy conservation projects on a worldwide basis. Our organizations diverse experience insures our customers of the best possible solution to their needs. Many of our key personnel have had experience in project management, project finance and project implementation to supplement the design phase of these jobs. Consequently, they are capable of producing the highest quality work in the industry in all project phases.

EEML is committed in maintaining a sustainable atmosphere, where we can operate with the local community. Our  services help achieve the vital needs for our consumer and help improve daily living standards through our diverse portfolio.

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