Commodities Exchange – COMEX


Both historically and in modern times, commodities markets, have had immense economic impact on and people and nations. It has been speculated that rice futures may have been traded in China as long as 6,000 years ago. Spices in India led Christopher Columbus to sail around the world in the 1400s. The impact of commodity markets continue today. At EEML we strive to ethically trade commodities as shortages on critical commodities have induced wars throughout history, while oversupply can devastate large regions by devaluing core commodities.

At EEML, we have a seasoned team of experts with background in trading, sales, portfolio management, structured finance, project finance and business development.  Members of our team have held senior positions at major financial and trading organization such as:  Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley, Solomon Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, AXA Financial, Equitable and Cushman and Wakefield.  Collectively our management has been responsible for structuring and trading billions of dollars of securities backed by various assets over the last twenty five years.

EEML‘s Commodities Trading Division’s core focus is sourcing, transacting and delivering commodities in,metals, and agriculture. We specialize in trading the following commodities:

Iron Ore



Copper Ore

Copper Cathode

Diesel -D2

Jet Avaiation Fuel – JP54


Liquefied Natural Gas



Scrap Metal – Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

Crude Oil

At EEML, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We use cutting edge technologies to ensure up to the minute information from the financial world. This allows us to respond quickly, and give you the most relevant information and perspective. By maintaining our strong ethical practice, we continue to support and level the commodities market ensuring a peaceful and sustaining world.

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